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Her father sommelier initiated her for a long time through his trips in the vineyard. She has scoured France in search of wines worthy ambassadors of their terroirs. From this passion for these wines of authors produced in the strictest respect for the environment and the terroirs, is born an obvious desire: to make known to the greatest number these craftsmen-winemakers, magicians of the vine, and invite everyone to consume differently and discover the authentic taste of Nature!



Pierre, co-founder of Vinibee, fell into the cauldron at the end of his studies in Paris in 1995, at the beginning of natural wine bars lin Paris like the Baratin. He discovers at this time emblematic winemakers like Thierry Puzelat, Christian Venier or Hervé Souhaut. He kept from this initiatory period the taste of the wines without “makeup” that sweat the soil and the know-how of the winemaker who knew how to accompany the vine and to be patient in the cellar. Sailor, fisherman, in love with the sea, do not count on him to throw a bottle into the sea, especially if it is full…

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Our wine selection of organic, biodynamic and natural wines


Wine is a link between soil and sky, and also between human and Nature.

We exclusively work with small, independent winemakers, who put their passion and work into the bottle to give a unique and inspiring product.

We’ve made the choice to promote only organic, biodynamic and natural  wines, hand made with indigenous grapes, natural yeast, minimal chemical products, few or no added sulfits complying with the maximum respect for the environment. Simply and expressive wines which representative of their homeland…


Let’s discover our selection and drink Nature ;-)


Domaine Alexandre Bain-Vinibee
Domaine Complementerre - Marion Pescheux et Manu Landron - vin naturel - vinibee

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Domaine Kreydenweiss - Antoine et Marc Kreydenweiss - Alsace - vin biodynamique - coffret vins A-Traction

Please contact us for any question or advice (english, spanish and german spoken) – pierre@vinibee.com

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